Explore Germany While Living with a Host Family!

Location: Germany: Bonn, Frankfurt, Hannover

Program Duration: 2-4 Weeks, 9-12 Weeks, 5-8 Weeks

Dates: Year Round

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Germans place a high priority on structure, privacy and punctuality. The German people embrace the values of thriftiness, hard work and industriousness and there is great emphasis on making sure that "the trains run on time.” Germans love rich, hearty cuisine, though each area of Germany has its own definition of what a traditional meal looks like. Beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage, and the country is known as the birthplace of a number of beer varieties, including Pilsner, Weizenbier (wheat beer) and Alt. Our German host families are volunteering to open their homes to welcome you in as a member of the family!

The aim of World Explorers is to get your students speaking better English. CHI provides you with basic tutoring materials for the casual English conversation lessons. Most Germans learn English in school and are dying for the opportunity to use it. That’s where you come in. You will be welcomed into your host family’s home and become a part of their lives, and they will become your friends for life. In addition to teaching English in Germany, we also hope that you will get a chance to improve your German skills as well.

CHI works with a trusted overseas partner agency in Heilbronn, Germany. However, the placements may be in various parts of the country, we ask that you please be flexible with your location. Your free time is yours – be creative!


1. Support from CHI faculty is given before, during, and after the program in securing budget transportation, giving advice on living and teaching in Mongolia, and using conversation aids with the host family

2. Host families are matched to volunteers based on common interests, academic goals, and personalities

3. Living with a host family is the best way to get to know the local culture and language.

4. Aside from teaching English lessons, volunteers will have plenty of free time to get to know the local culture of Germany.

5. Travel around on the weekends!

  • German
  • English

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Volunteer Types
  • Education
  • Culture
  • Teaching
This Program is open to

American, European, Canadian, Australian, South African, Kiwi Participant.

Participants Travel to Germany


Application Process Involves
  • Letters of Reference
  • Phone/Video Interview
  • Online Application
  • Essay
Post Services Include
  • Re-Entry Debriefing at Home
  • Alumni Network
Cultural Homestay International's Mission Statement

Cultural Homestay International (CHI) is a non-profit public benefit organization founded in 1980 to promote international understanding, friendship, and goodwill through cultural homestays. We believe that the best way to eliminate fear and prejudice among nations is to experience directly the cultures, languages, and customs of the peoples by living with them.

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