Flora & Fauna Research & Conservation – Internship in Greece

Location: Greece: Samos Island

Term: Throughout the year

Program Duration: 3-6 Months

Dates: 2019,2020,Year Round

Archipelagos, Institute of Marine Conservation


P.O. Box 152 Ormos, Marathokampos , Samos 83101 Greece

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Phone: 0030 2273037533


The Aegean Islands host some of the most pristine and extensive insular terrestrial habitats in the Mediterranean. The island of Samos is a key hotspot, supporting the last remaining population of Mediterranean Chameleons in Greece, one of the few insular populations of Golden Jackals in Europe and a variety of freshwater species, such as the Balkan pond terrapin and the European Eel. The island also acts as a key stopover for over 200 migratory bird species, constituting up to 50% of all bird species found in Greece. The rich biodiversity of the island hosts over 1500 plant species that are under constant threat from wildfires, logging, and herbicides. Archipelagos aim to protect terrestrial species on the Aegean Islands by collecting and analyzing data and pushing forward the protection of these fragile ecosystems.

In order to monitor the status and the habitat of the key species, the Archipelagos terrestrial conservation team carries out surveys throughout the year with a focus on Samos island, but also extending to Ikaria and the small islands of the northern Dodecanese. The data gathered on the given species is used towards assessing human impacts.

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  • Ecology
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  • Animal Sciences
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  • Conservation
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Archipelagos, Institute of Marine Conservation's Mission Statement

At Archipelagos we use the scientific knowledge we gain to:
* Collaborate with local authorities and communities to develop and apply, pilot management and conservation schemes, to protect habitats and species of the Aegean Sea  schemes that can later be applied in other regions of the Greek seas and the NE Mediterranean overall
* Launch environmental actions and campaigns at local, national and EU levels
* Inform local communities, the wider Greek public and tourists how to better preserve and actively protect their natural resources.

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