Greece: Refugees, Migration, Resilience & Micro-Enterprise

Location: Greece: Thessaloniki

Term: Throughout the year, Academic Year, Summer, Spring, Fall

Program Duration: 9-12 Weeks, 7-12 Months, Summer, 5-8 Weeks, 3-6 Months

Dates: Year Round


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Are you interested in social activism, youth empowerment, and micro-enterprise? Choose IPSL’s Thessaloniki Summer, Spring, or Fall program in Greece! Learn the practical skills of community organizing and social activism (COSA), along with courses on:

• Modern Greek Language
• Greek History and Culture
• The Rise of Social Activism in Greece
• Re-Charging Greek Youth to Revitalize Micro-Enterprise and Tourism

Fulfill your Service-Learning obligation (approximately 12-15 hours per week) in areas including:
• Refugee Work
• Social Support Services to Underprivileged Groups (locals, migrants, and refugees)
• English Tutoring
• Working with Homeless and At-Risk Youth
• Working with Disadvantaged Pre-School and Primary School Children

IPSL welcomes applicants at least 18 years old from all nations and backgrounds. There are language requirements for selected programs. Gap Year students, college students and graduates are encouraged to apply.

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