ISA Service-Learning in Galway, Ireland

Location: Ireland: Galway

Term: Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter, Throughout the year, May Term

Program Duration: 2-4 Weeks, 5-8 Weeks

Dates: Year Round

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Steeped in history, present day Galway combines its rich cultural heritage with a young and innovative population. Traditional Irish and contemporary local music, fascinating history and art museums, and dozens of annual festivals are just a few of the things to look forward to discovering in this university town. Our programs in Galway, Ireland, provide opportunities for both individuals and groups in a wide variety of service fields.

Throughout your program, you will create a service-learning portfolio, which is a compilation of reflection-based assignments aimed at adding depth to your experiences. By partnering with community-based organizations and following a structured, service-learning curriculum, you will learn how local professionals and experts are addressing these issues with the available resources while developing intercultural and leadership skills in a real-world context.

Each of our service-learning community-based organizations is unique, so visit the ISA Service-Learning website to learn more about your options in Galway.


1. Receive personalized advising on service opportunities and program options that are the best fit for you. You will receive confirmation of the community-based organization you have been matched with before departure.

2. Begin your transition to daily life in your new country and culture on the Bridging Cultures Program, our in-country orientation.

3. Benefit from the ISA office, enjoy the company of your fellow service-learning participants and ISA students, and use the Wi-Fi Internet provided at the ISA office.

4. Have the opportunity to earn academic credit.

5. Demonstrate the professional, cultural, and personal competencies you acquired while on the program through reflection-based assignments and activities that make up the ISA Service-Learning Portfolio.


ISA Service-Learning programs are available to current students and recent graduates who meet the following eligibility requirements:

• Must have graduated high school by the start date of the service-learning program

• Must be at least 17 years old by the start date of the service-learning program

• Must have a minimum GPA of 2.5

• When applicable, participants must meet the minimum language requirement of the host country

Eligibility for specific community-based organizations is determined by your resume, cover letter, and interview upon application.

  • Women's Studies
  • Sociology
  • Social Work
  • Social Sciences
  • Psychology
  • Physical Therapy
  • Nursing
  • Medicine
  • Liberal Arts
  • Kinesiology & Exercise Science
  • Human Rights
  • Humanities
  • Health Sciences
  • Education
  • Development
  • Communications
  • Computer Science
  • Counseling
  • Health Administration
  • Political Science & Politics
  • Art & Fine Arts
  • Theater, Drama, & Dance
Cost in US$:

Contact Provider for Cost Details

Cost Includes:

Cost Include Description:

• Comprehensive advising and support
• Visa support
• Bridging Cultures Program, the on-site cultural and academic orientation
• Housing
• Meals and laundry service
• Guaranteed placement with community based organization
• Full-time resident staff with a maximum 20:1 student to staff ratio
• On-site ISA office, computer and internet access (WiFi)
• Airport reception
• Cultural activities

Credit Available


Volunteer Types
  • Youth Development
  • Youth
  • Women
  • Tutor
  • Teaching
  • Social Work
  • Public Policy
  • Senior Citizens
  • Public Health
  • Nutrition
  • Nursing
  • Medicine
  • Human Rights
  • Health Education
  • Hospital
  • Health Care
  • Health
  • Gender Issues
  • Education
  • Special Needs
  • Counseling
  • Culture
  • Community Development
  • Community Centers
  • Childcare & Children
  • Biological Research
  • Arts
This Program is open to

American, European, Canadian, Australian, South African, Kiwi, Worldwide, Asian Participant.

Typical Living Arrangements
  • Apartment/Flat
  • Dormitory

Application Process Involves
  • Online Application
  • Phone/Video Interview
  • Resume
  • Transcript
Post Services Include
  • Alumni Network
  • Exit Debriefing Abroad
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