Marine Conservation and Diving Qualifications in Barcelona

Location: Spain: Barcelona

Program Duration: Summer, Alternative Spring Break, 2-4 Weeks

Dates: 2019,2020,Year Round

Hodore Farm Hartfield, East Sussex TN7 4AR England

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Barcelona's beautiful coastline situated in the Mediterranean basin has recently been overwhelmed with pollution generated by this region's high population. Sadly, most of this waste is predominantly plastic due to the millions of tonnes that have been produced in the last 50 years.

Our team has joined the international ocean clean up mission that strives to keep our marine world healthy. This project aims to educate volunteers on the way they can help fight this plastic epidemic. Before they begin to collect rubbish, beginner divers are taught the ropes and are able to obtain a PADI qualification from scratch. Experienced divers will get straight out to deeper waters and begin bringing in the trash.

Not only will you be making a huge contribution to the plastic crisis by collecting, weighing, analysing and recycling, you'll be able to enjoy this fantastic city for half of each day. Meet like-minded volunteers from around the globe and stay in a eco hostel with three meals per day provided.

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  • Sports
  • Scuba
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  • Marine Science
  • Environmental Management
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  • Conservation
  • Marine Conservation
  • Environment
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1 day from recepit of form to booking interview
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