Teaching IT Computer Skills in Ghana with Projects Abroad

Location: Ghana: Cape Coast

Program Duration: Summer, 3-6 Months, Multiple Year, 9-12 Weeks, 7-12 Months, 5-8 Weeks, 2-4 Weeks

Dates: Year Round


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Projects Abroad offers placements teaching basic IT and computer skills to children in Ghana. On Africa’s West coast, Ghana is a country rich in natural resources such as cocoa, timber, gold and diamonds. A former British colony, one of Ghana’s official languages is English, which has facilitated the rapid increase in tourism.

Volunteer teaching IT abroad in Ghana As the tourist market expands, the number of jobs increase, and with this the need for computer literacy. In the 21st century, computer literacy is a skill which is valued almost as highly as standard literacy! It is therefore a huge advantage to learn the basics of computer use, and this is something which our volunteers can help with. By sharing their knowledge of IT with students and teachers alike, volunteers increase the future prospects of each individual they help.

Volunteers are needed to help teach very basic computer programs like Word and Excel although - if you are also able to develop databases and assist with any maintenance work - this is always appreciated.


Volunteers taking part in our IT project spend some of their time making sure that the local teachers know how to use computers. If not they share their own knowledge with them and in this way the project can sustain itself when there are no volunteers around.

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Volunteer Types
  • Education
  • Computer Training
  • Community Development
  • Culture
  • Microfinance
  • Business
  • Teaching
  • Tutor
  • Youth
Age Range
This Program is open to

American, European, Canadian, Australian, Kiwi, South African, Worldwide, Asian Participant.

Typical Living Arrangements
  • Home-stays

Participants Travel to Ghana

Independently or in Groups

Application Process Involves
  • Written Application
  • Letters of Reference
  • Online Application
Typically The Application Process Time is
10 days
Post Services Include
  • Exit Debriefing Abroad
  • Re-Entry Debriefing at Home
  • Alumni Network
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