Community Healthcare and Lion Conservation, Antelope Park

Location: Zimbabwe: Gweru

Program Duration: 9-12 Weeks, 5-8 Weeks, 2-4 Weeks

Dates: Year Round

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Vungu Road Gweru, Zimbabwe

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Phone: +263774450693


During your stay on this volunteer project, you will contribute to our important work in community healthcare facilities surrounding Antelope Park, as well as experience the best of our amazing lion conservation project that focuses on a unique approach to the ongoing protection of highly threatened African lion.

Antelope Park volunteers provide both manpower and material support to the 2 clinics in Gweru city that we work in collaboration with. Volunteers provide assistance to the qualified clinic staff in many of the routine tasks and observations such as counting pills, dispensing medicine, documenting, filing, cleaning and helping with general maintenance of a clinic.

On a different side, volunteers help to put a stop in the decrease of lion population, while at the same time, getting to meet these majestic creatures face and face and learn a lot about their personalities. Volunteers ensure the enclosures remain clean and secure to provide the lions with a safe living environment and the lions are provided with the most suitable nutritional diet and hydration.

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