Volunteer Abroad in Australia

There are 27 organizations offering a total of 51 GoNomad Volunteer Abroad programs


International Volunteer HQ [IVHQ]

Participants may choose from nearly ten program options in Argentina with International Volunteer HQ. Individuals may join childcare, heath care, or education-focused projects while developing a deeper bond with the locals. Typically, programs last for two weeks to a month.

Oceans 2 Earth Volunteers

  • Australian Wildlife Rescue, Care and Rehabilitation

    Oceans 2 Earth is the only Australian owned organisation specialising in volunteering projects for animal lovers and offers a wide range of exclusive Australian animal welfare projects committed to the rescue, care, rehabilitation and release of Aust...

The Intern Group

  • Internships in Melbourne, Australia

    We provide you with top internships in Australia! Partnering with a range of great companies and NGOs, our Australia internship program will fulfill your career potential. We are regularly featured in mainstream international media like CNN Internati...

Connect-123 Internship Programs

Connect-123 develops and administers volunteer, internship and study abroad programs in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Cape Town, South Africa. In both countries, internship and volunteer work opportunities are hosted by local companies, non-profit organizations, schools, research institutes and health care clinics.


  • Australia Adventure with Gapforce

    This Gapforce program is an action-packed, seven-week tour combining travel and adventure with volunteering on Australia's famed East Coast. Your journey begins in the awesome city of Sydney before heading north to Brisbane via the legendary Byron Ba...

GoEco - Top Volunteer Organization

All projects start in major cities in Australia such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane (there is a list that you will choose from). The volunteering work is relatively similar in all start points -- the main difference between the locations is the climate. Northern Australia, such as Darwin, Perth and Cairns offer warm temperatures while Melbourne, Sydney and Tasmania have cooler temperatures.

GoBeyond Student Travel

The service, adventure, and educational opportunities available on a lifeworks program are as diverse as the countries through which we travel. Whether you are looking to experience a new and different culture, practice your language skills, or whitewater raft through the amazon, being part of a lifeworks team will be the experience of a lifetime.

Travel For Teens

We have crafted our unique programs to engender love for travel, hunger for learning, curiosity about differences, appreciation of similarities across cultures, and an understanding of what it means to be a global citizen. We look forward to traveling with you!

Pacific Discovery - Gap Year, Summer & Semester Programs Abroad

Volunteer abroad in Sydney, Australia with Pacific Discovery. Volunteers spend two to four weeks during the summer or one semester taking part in various activities such as Tree Planting, Grassroots Organization, and Wildlife Surveying. The programs are ideal for volunteers 18 to 24 years old, regardless of nationality, who are interested in experiencing a new culture.

Carpe Diem Education

  • South Pacific Semester | Carpe Diem Education Gap Year

    Study environmental conservation and leadership all within the experiential wonderland of Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji. Students will learn about Aboriginal culture while sleeping under the stars in Australia; get SCUBA certified on the Great Bar...


Work on rescue and rehabilitation projects for Australia's native wildlife through Fronteering. Volunteer placements are available in Sydney and Wollongong. Accommodation, meals, and training courses are arranged for all participants.

i-to-i TEFL

  • Volunteer Abroad with an i-to-i TEFL/TESOL Course

    If you're looking for the perfect volunteer abroad opportunity, then take an i-to-i TEFL qualification. With our range of classroom & online TEFL courses, you'll be able to start teaching and traveling quicker than you thought possible! The cours...

ISA (International Studies Abroad)

  • ISA Service-Learning in Brisbane, Australia

    From the famous beaches and resorts of the Gold Coast to the beautiful islands found just off the shores of Queensland, Brisbane is in the perfect location for any adventurer with a desire to travel. Surfing, snorkeling, and sunbathing are just a few...

Project Everest Ventures

  • Rural Australian Impact Program

    Interested in applying social entrepreneurship and collaborating with cutting-edge tech companies to create sustainable, positive social impact in rural Australia? If so, then this 'Down Under' experience is the program for you. Across 12 days, j...

Putney Student Travel

  • Fiji, New Zealand, Australia Trips | Putney Student Travel

    Travel to the South Pacific, a region rich in cultural history, biodiversity, and natural beauty. Explore stunning landscapes from Fiji's tropical beaches to snow-capped peaks in New Zealand’s Southern Alps to the red desert landscape of the Austra...

Rustic Pathways

From the Outback to the Golden Coast, volunteer at local schools, hospitals, and even the Steve Irwin Zoo, where Rustic Pathways first began its operations over 30 years ago.

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