Volunteer Abroad in Mauritius

There are 3 organizations offering a total of 3 GoNomad Volunteer Abroad programs


Worldwide Experience

  • Conserving Biodiversity in Mauritius

    If you have a special interest in the conservation of rare species and are interested in doing conservation work on the island of Mauritius, you can join us in Conserving Biodiversity in Mauritius! Join us at Kestrel Valley, a private nature reserve ...


  • Volunteer Program in Mauritius

    Mauritius, known as "Dodoland", is one of the most beautiful and exotic destinations in Africa. With its magnificent beaches, tremendous wilderness, and rich cultural heritage, the nation has always been a popular destination for foreigners, especial...

WorkingAbroad Projects

  • Blue Lagoon & Coral Reef Monitoring Program, Mauritius

    Join this program as a marine conservation volunteer on the island of Mauritius and work within an NGO, which aims to preserve natural resources and ecosystems from pollution and destruction due to the lack of general awareness of the public and busi...

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