Medicine Volunteer Abroad

There are 144 organizations offering a total of 458 GoNomad Volunteer Abroad programs


Spend 25 hours per week in European island hospitals with local medical professionals. Rotate through hospitals, learn about medical specialties, and focus your career path. Volunteer with local communities and give back through English lessons or research.

The Real Uganda

The Real Uganda has hands-on work for medical professionals in rural clinics in Uganda. Provide front line patient care in the diagnosis and treatment of malaria, typhoid, HIV, malnutrition, and other tropical infections.

International Medical Aid

  • Pre-Med/Health Fellowships

    International Medical Aid (IMA) offers once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for doctors, medical residents, medical students, and pre-med undergraduates to work in busy international hospitals, mentored by our outstanding staff of dedicated physicians an...

Kaya Responsible Travel

Kaya Responsible Travel has 113 programs in 18 different locations. Programs are offered in Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador and 13 other countries.

Connect-123 Internship Programs

Connect-123 Internship & Volunteer Programs has 25 programs in 2 different locations. Programs are offered in Argentina and South Africa

Adelante Abroad

Adelante has 62 programs in 5 different locations. Programs are offered in Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, Spain and Uruguay

Volunteer for the Visayans

Volunteer for the Visayans has 6 programs in 1 location. Programs are offered in Philippines

World Endeavors

World Endeavors has 105 programs in 23 different locations. Programs are offered in Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Costa Rica and 18 other countries.

Oyster Worldwide

Oyster Worldwide has 7 programs in 6 different locations. Programs are offered in Brazil, Kenya, Nepal, Romania, Tanzania and Zambia

Friends For Asia

  • Medical Intern Project

    Be part of a Medical Intern Project in Thailand. You get the chance to find out firsthand why Thailand has become a medical center for much of Asia and why westerners travel half-way across the world to receive inexpensive, expert medical care. Thai...


  • IPSL: Austria-German Language

    Experience Vienna and learn German! We offer completely customizable programs—the language level, the length (a minimum of 4 weeks for internships, but the longer the better!) the type of housing, and how much or how little is included (meals, excu...

Naturally Africa Volunteers

  • Malawi Volunteer Projects with Naturally Africa Volunteers

    Naturally Africa Volunteers provides volunteer support to developing communities in Malawi. Our 2-week to 12-week projects include a range of opportunities focusing on teaching and education in rural schools, sports coaching, child-care and the provi...

Mente Argentina

  • Mente Argentina: Medical/Public Health Volunteer Program

    Spend time in some of Buenos Aires' best clinics, hospitals, and public health research institutions, supporting both patients and nursing staff! Volunteers gather data and study community and clinical health challenges, including both large-scale pa...

NGO Taxi

  • Volunteer in Animal Welfare, Health Care, and More!

    Be part of creating a better world while immersing yourself in the vibrant culture of Peru and discovering the breathtaking landscape of the Amazon Rainforest! NGO Taxi offers volunteer and internship opportunities to suit any interest; protect end...

Good Hope Volunteers

  • Trusted volunteer programs in Namibia

    Namibia is a fascinating country that cannot be compared to any other. It’s a place to experience wide-open spaces, friendly people, unique heritage and magnificent landscapes. A wonderful place to visit, volunteer and fall in love with the countr...

Raleigh International

Raleigh has 23 programs in 4 different locations. Programs are offered in Costa Rica, India, Malaysia and Nicaragua

HELP - Himalayan Education Lifeline Programme

  • Take Your Medical Skills into the Himalayas!

    We are looking for volunteer doctors and dentists to run clinics for short periods in Western Nepal. You will have the medical skills, but will also need the personal qualities that will enable you to thrive outside your own comfort zone. These jobs ...

Love Volunteers

Become a Love Volunteer and get a truly memorable experience whilst helping those in real need. Love Volunteers has provided meaningful volunteering abroad programs to thousands of volunteers seeking safe, responsible and affordable ways to help needy communities! Check out our exciting Medicine programs and sign up now!

GoEco - Top Volunteer Organization

If you’re looking to gain practical experience in medicine, nursing or dentistry, then look no further! GoEco’s projects offer you the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals in medical facilities in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Whether you are job shadowing or participating, you will enhance your understanding of the medical and dental care fields.

Hibiscus Travels

  • Gap Year: Service & Spanish Language Abroad

    This program is for participants in their gap year or long-term holiday who would like to learn Spanish in Costa Rica and participate in international community service. The program blends Spanish language and culture courses with service learning...

Touch Africa International

Touch Africa International has 23 programs in 1 location. Programs are offered in Kenya

Vocational Impact

  • Medical, Nursing and Health Volunteer Placement in Ghana

    Our Medical, Nursing and Health volunteer placement in Ghana enables students to gain hands-on work experience at a hospital in Accra (capital) and at a rural clinic in Senya. You could take the vitals of infants, educate new moms, conduct outreach i...

Armenian Volunteer Corps

Armenian Volunteer Corps has 1 program in 1 location. The program is offered in Armenia

American Institute For Foreign Study

  • AIFS Study Abroad in Florence: Semester Internship

    Spend a semester or academic year in the classic city of Florence with AIFS. Earn up to 13 credits each semester, with an international internship for 3 credits, studying at Richmond University in Florence. No previous Italian language study is requi...


  • Rural Medical Outreach (Madagascar)

    Interested in volunteering in Madagascar? Seize this opportunity to travel to the beautiful island nation. Live and work by providing assistance in a quaint village in a rural area of Madagascar where there is a need for proper healthcare, medical st...

Volunteering India

  • Dental Elective Internship Program in India - Dharamsala

    Volunteering India offers a unique opportunity for dental students to take part in dental internship placement in Dharamshala / Palampur and gain valuable experience by working along with professional dentists. Dental students perform hands on work a...

ProBa Language Centre

  • Volunteer and Language Programs in Russia

    ProBa Language Centre offers students an enriching opportunity in Russia. Sign up for our Volunteer and Language program, which includes spending 4-16 weeks volunteering at one of the hospitals in St. Petersburg. It is an ordinary state hospital that...

Czech Hospital Placements Program

  • Nursing Internship in Spinal Surgery

    Our center specializes in spinal surgery. Due to the scope of care provided and the number of operations performed, the Spinal Surgery Specialized Center ranks among the leading medical centers within the Czech Republic. We focus on treatment of near...

Miguel Angel Asturias Spanish School

ESL - Language studies abroad

  • ESL - Volunteering Programmes Abroad

    ESL - Language studies abroad offers a programme that combines language study and volunteering. There are two stages: first is attending an intensive language course and second is participating in a rewarding experience through volunteerism. ESL - La...

The National Registration Center for Study Abroad

  • Study & Volunteer in Pimentel/Chiclayo, Peru

    The National Registration Center for Study Abroad offers a Spanish language study and construction volunteering program in Peru. Volunteers spend 2 weeks (or longer) in group Spanish classes to learn the four basic language skills of oral and written...

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