Microfinance Volunteer Abroad

There are 71 organizations offering a total of 176 GoNomad Volunteer Abroad programs

International Volunteer HQ [IVHQ]

International Volunteer HQ has 29 programs in 14 different locations. Programs are offered in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ghana, Guatemala, India and 9 other countries.

Kaya Responsible Travel

Kaya Responsible Travel has 113 programs in 18 different locations. Programs are offered in Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador and 13 other countries.


  • Women's Empowerment Project in Cape Town

    Although gender equality has come a long way for women from disadvantaged communities in South Africa, there is still quite a lot that needs to be done to ensure women have equal opportunities and skills to participate actively and effectively in Sou...

Connect-123 Internship Programs

Connect-123 Internship & Volunteer Programs has 25 programs in 2 different locations. Programs are offered in Argentina and South Africa


  • Top-Rated Volunteer Abroad Programs in Latin America

    Maximo Nivel is a locally based organization in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru. Volunteer abroad—get involved, make an impact, and learn to serve by working on local projects: - Working with Kids - Teaching English - Conservation - Construct...

Adelante Abroad

  • Business Placements in Oaxaca, Mexico with Adelante Abroad

    An internship in International Business will enable candidates to gain both business and international experience while in Oaxaca. Examples of business related internships are accounting, business (social and economical) development, and graph design...

Volunteer for the Visayans

Volunteer for the Visayans has 6 programs in 1 location. Programs are offered in Philippines

The Real Uganda

  • Holisitic Community Outreach in Uganda

    The Real Uganda's volunteers assist our partners with a variety of empowering community-based activities. Volunteers split their time between these locally requested interventions: Public health and clinical work: Volunteers work in rural clinics ...


  • Vietnam: Environment Science, Youth Leadership & Development

    If you're interested in Sustainable Development and Global Political Systems, this program is a perfect match! As the capital of Vietnam for almost a thousand years, Hanoi is considered one of the country’s main cultural centers. In addition to ...

GoEco - Top Volunteer Organization

  • South Africa - Cape Town Community Projects

    Meet the amazing people who call the settlements surrounding Cape Town home. By joining this project, you will get to make a real difference in the community and in the lives of the children, adults and families living in the area through a variety ...


  • Nine-Day Service Trip to Uganda

    Spend 9 days living, working, and facilitating discussions in rural Uganda! On this volunteer program abroad, Followings Foundation will pay for your flights, in-country transport, and room and board in the village. Volunteers fundraise AUD$6500 (...

Volunteering With India

  • Women Empowerment Volunteer India

    India is plagued with issues involving women empowerment and security. Volunteering With India (VWI) aims to help women through projects based in rural areas and slums. Volunteers can help out by participating in the empowerment program that invo...

ISA (International Studies Abroad)

Explore socially-conscious business practices can change the world with ISA Service-Learning. Participants will contribute to the efforts of local organizations working to provide vocational and financial tools and services to low-income individuals and small businesses. This is an excellent opportunity gain an insight into microfinance and local economic development.

Armenian Volunteer Corps

Armenian Volunteer Corps has 1 program in 1 location. The program is offered in Armenia

Hostel Hoff

  • Volunteer Depending on Your Skills, Interests and Time

    Hostel Hoff works with over 15 local community based projects. Upon application they provide a full list of these projects and volunteers can decide what appeals to them. There are opportunities in construction, office work, fundraising, grant writi...

Culsans Gap Travel

  • 8 weeks Bush & Beach conservation in Kenya

    Make a real difference with this four-week gap year in a remote area in Kenya. This program is a mix of conservation education and volunteering designed to immerse you in the local community. There are many ingredients to a successful and fulfilli...

Rustic Pathways

  • Sacred Valley Service

    Get ready for two weeks of eye-opening community service, cultural immersion, and adventure near Machu Picchu. Immerse yourself in off-the-beaten-track villages in the Sacred Valley and work alongside the friendly locals on important service projects...

Miguel Angel Asturias Spanish School

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