Volunteer Abroad in Rwanda

There are 9 organizations offering a total of 15 GoNomad Volunteer Abroad programs


Volunteer World

  • Volunteer World: Best Volunteer Abroad Programs Worldwide

    Looking to apply your talent and expertise to a good cause? Find a program that matches your interests and skills through Volunteer World! We are the largest volunteer abroad comparison platform around the globe, enabling you to seek and compare offe...

Love Volunteers

Thousands of volunteers have trusted Love Volunteers with their travel and volunteer aspirations. Love Volunteers provides participants with the chance to experience new cultures while helping those in real need. Join us for a voluntary service project in Rwanda that is affordable, responsible, and safe! Check out our programs!

Carpe Diem Education

  • East Africa Semester | Carpe Diem Education Gap Year

    Practice community service and international development in the historical-rich context of post-genocide Rwanda. Track endangered rhinos as part of a conservation team in Uganda. Study sustainable living, farm-to-table food systems, and deepen per...


  • Volunteering Abroad through GivingWay

    GivingWay is a free and open platform through which worldwide travelers connect with local nonprofit organizations seeking volunteers in a simple and direct manner. With hundreds of volunteering opportunities in over 80 countries worldwide, Giving...

Go Volunteer Africa

  • Volunteer Placements in Rwanda: Go Volunteer Africa

    Spend an enriching time in Rwanda through volunteer placements offered by Go Volunteer Africa in partnership with local organizations. We are committed to making these programs meaningful, affordable, and accessible. Most of all, we work with you to ...

Global Youth Connect

  • Human Rights and Peace Studies in Rwanda

    During the course of the program participants come together to explore different notions about human rights and peace education but also to learn more about how to take action to promote peace and genocide prevention worldwide. Global Youth Connec...


  • Rwanda: Getting into International Development

    This placement is ideal for people that want to enter International Development. If you aim to get paid work, most employers ask for solid experience. This placement is an excellent site to get the necessary experience to get into international devel...


  • Volunteer for a Week at a Preschool in Rwanda

    KISEKI, a social business operating a restaurant and inn in Kigali, Rwanda, is working to create employment and support the independence of single mothers living in substandard conditions. Although family and gender equality are minute units of so...

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