Volunteer Abroad in Western Europe

There are 80 organizations offering a total of 288 GoNomad Volunteer Abroad programs


  • Europe Tour with Gapforce

    Experience the ultimate European adventure every summer, traveling safely and comfortably between cities via train so you have the maximum time exploring. Get ready to marvel in the history and culture of the Old World, from the art and violence ...


Global Vision International (GVI) offers various volunteering programs in Spain and Greece. Volunteers have the chance to gain practical and in-depth knowledge of social enterprise. They also have the option to help protect turtles through local conservation projects. Program designed specifically for high school students are also available.

Connect-123 Internship Programs

Learn more about life in Western Europe through Connect-123. The organization offers a wide array of volunteer projects in areas such as Education, Community Building, and Human Rights, among others. Volunteers may be assigned in countries such as Ireland and Spain, and may work with children, local community organizations, and law groups. Programs are available throughout the year and are open to participants aged 18 and above.

Adelante Abroad

  • International Internship Programs with Adelante Abroad

    Have you ever thought about actually living in another country and experiencing life as the local people do? And if you've considered it, how do you go about accomplishing this goal? Where do you begin? This is where Adelante Abroad comes in. The c...

ELI Abroad

Do you love working with animals and children? ELI - Experiential Learning International has two volunteer programs in Europe, where participants either work in an animal shelter in Ireland, or at a daycare center in the German village of Enkenbach-Alsenborn. The Animal Welfare and Vet Programs in Dublin are open only to American, Asian, Australian, Canadian, European, and Kiwi participants, while the daycare center program is available to Americans, Australians, Canadians, and Europeans.

Oyster Worldwide

Oyster Worldwide has 7 programs in 6 different locations. Programs are offered in Brazil, Kenya, Nepal, Romania, Tanzania and Zambia


Study in a European country for a semester or year and take part in a volunteering service project. IPSL offers various volunteer placements including Community Development and English Teaching. They also provide opportunities to help participants improve their Spanish language skills.

The Intern Group

Volunteer in Western Europe with The Intern Group. Care for orphans, learn a local musical instrument, or teach English. Program fees include accommodation, meals, and excursion. The program is open to worldwide participants throughout the year.

Worldwide Friends Iceland

  • Journey around Iceland and Fight Global Warming

    Take a tour around Iceland with an environmental focus on sustainable living and global warming prevention in our daily life! You will travel along the ring road and visit many of the island's natural wonders while learning about environmental sustai...

Associazione Culturale Linguistica Educational (A.C.L.E)

  • Teach English - Travel in Italy and Become TEFL-TP Certified

    This is an exciting opportunity to train as an English Language teacher in Italy with one of the country’s most well-respected educational organisations. A.C.L.E. has over 35 years experience educating Italian students and teachers, as well as moth...


Panrimo has 29 programs in 10 different locations. Programs are offered in Argentina, Australia, Belize, China, Czech Republic and 5 other countries.

ALIORE, Worldwide Workshops

ALIORE, Worldwide Workshops has 6 programs in 4 different locations. Programs are offered in France, Martinique, Guadeloupe and New Caledonia

GoEco - Top Volunteer Organization

Join a sea conservation project, gain experience in the Hospitality field, or work in a local school by volunteering abroad in Western Europe with GoEco. Volunteer placement opportunities are located in Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Czech Republic. Accommodation, meals, and excursions are provided.

GoBeyond Student Travel

Lifeworks has 4 programs in 4 different locations. Programs are offered in Australia, Costa Rica, Ecuador and British Virgin Islands

Cultural Homestay International

Cultural Homestay International has 3 programs in 3 different locations. Programs are offered in Dominican Republic, France and Spain

CIEE Teach Abroad

  • Short-term Volunteer Teaching Program in Spain

    This program offers an immersive experience into the Spanish culture and language by living with a local host family and working as a volunteer Language and Culture Assistant in smaller towns within the region of Castilla y León. This is a three-mon...

i-to-i TEFL

  • Volunteer Abroad with an i-to-i TEFL/TESOL Course

    If you're looking for the perfect volunteer abroad opportunity, then take an i-to-i TEFL qualification. With our range of classroom & online TEFL courses, you'll be able to start teaching and traveling quicker than you thought possible! The cours...

La Giraudiere

Indulge in the sophisticated Western European culture through this volunteer opportunity for individuals from across the globe offered by La Giraudiere. Participants have the chance to partake in placements involving Education, Marketing, and Renovation. Typically, the program lasts for at least three weeks and volunteers may enjoy group excursions.

Travel For Teens

Travel For Teens has 67 programs in 24 different locations. Programs are offered in Australia, Belgium, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark and 19 other countries.

Instituto Hemingway

Experience what it is like to volunteer abroad with Instituto Hemingways' volunteer programs in Spain. Programs options include working in Social Services, helping Reforestation, Disability Issues, and more. This program is open to participants from around the world that are willing to help people integrate in social life.

Volunteering Solutions

Take part in a meaningful travel experience in Europe with Volunteering Solutions. Students get the chance to volunteer in Spain on projects like building and construction, English teaching, and conservation programs. Volunteer placements are offered throughout the year.

SAI Programs

Study Abroad Italy has 11 programs in 2 different locations. Programs are offered in England and Italy

Centro MundoLengua

  • Volunteer Abroad in Spain!

    Have a desire to give back to the community? Come to Spain and volunteer abroad through Centro MundoLengua! We have connections with local organizations in Southern Spain that allow you to dive into Spanish culture, volunteering first-hand with local...

Quest Campus

  • Get the chance to help restore Charleville Castle in Ireland

    Would you love to cultivate your learning in a unique, historical environment such as the breath-taking Charleville Castle? Charleville Castle is an Independent Cultural Centre in the Irish Midlands, where special internships are delivered and volunt...

Bright Light Volunteers

  • On the Rhode to Better: Rhodes, Greece

    Bright Light Volunteer’s program in Rhodes, Greece, offers participants the opportunity to participate in a variety of service initiatives, including reforestation, community environmental clean-up projects in partnership with local Greek students,...

Terra Sylvestris

  • Kalamos and Kastos Sustainable Development Program

    Are you interested in collaborating with a local community, focusing on the development of a permaculture initiative as well as protection of biodiversity in an off-the-beaten location known for its global importance? In that case, sign up for a Sus...

Premier TEFL

  • Volunteer in Prague, Czech Republic

    Premier TEFL has partnered with Angloville to bring you the ultimate TEFL experience. This exclusive scholarship combines 120 hours of accredited TEFL tuition online, along with up to 3 weeks of hands-on teaching experience in Central Europe. Desi...

ISA (International Studies Abroad)

Be a Western European volunteer with ISA. Participants from around the world will gain a deeper understanding of the Spanish culture and language as they partake in various community service projects situated in Spain.

ARCC Programs

  • Spain and Morocco: Spice of Life

    Go back in time to discover how worlds collided in these faraway places, then witness how those influences remain today in the medinas of bustling Moroccan city centers. Taste the iconic spices in paella, tagine, and all the tapas you can eat. See th...


  • Gap Year Volunteer and Experiential Learning with Euroace

    Looking for a chance to volunteer abroad and help others as well as gaining valuable personal skills? Our Volunteer and Experiential Learning program allows you to get involved with local initiatives assisting underdeveloped communities, contribut...

Spanish Institute for Global Education

  • Volunteer Abroad, Come to Seville

    Spanish Institute offers a wide variety of volunteering opportunities in the following fields: social work, healthcare, education, non-profit organizations, LGBT, etc. This program includes: - Documents needed to obtain a Student Visa. - An...

International Camps Network

  • Camp Europe - Summer Camp Counselor

    Camp Europe offers specializes in language and adventure sports camps for children and youth throughout Europe. We offer different positions, such as Language Coach, Camp Counselor, Program Area Director, and Group Leader. Camp Europe provides an ...

American Institute For Foreign Study

American Institute For Foreign Study has 50 programs in 19 different locations. Programs are offered in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, China and 14 other countries.

Abbey Road Programs

  • HS Summer Travel Program: Odyssey: Greek Islands Adventure

    This exciting adventure will take our students to some of the best destinations on the Greek islands and mainland Greece, introducing them to one of the oldest, richest and most awe-inspiring cultures of the world. Our students will marvel at the nat...

Czech Hospital Placements Program

  • Nursing Internship in Spinal Surgery

    Our center specializes in spinal surgery. Due to the scope of care provided and the number of operations performed, the Spinal Surgery Specialized Center ranks among the leading medical centers within the Czech Republic. We focus on treatment of near...

Carpe Diem Education

  • Spain & Morocco Semester | Carpe Diem Education Gap Year

    THEMES: HUMAN MIGRATION & LANGUAGE STUDY Join Carpe Diem Education and a cohort of dedicated students for a semester in Spain and Morocco. The ‘Human Migration and Language Study’ program welcomes participants ages 17 and up on either a fall ...

The National Registration Center for Study Abroad

Volunteer and study in at least two locations in Portugal with The National Registration Center for Study Abroad. Participants kick off the program in the cities of Lisbon or Faro with several weeks of Portuguese language courses to help them prepare. Volunteers have the option to go on a placement in the afternoons, working with children, elderly people, and community workers.

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